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Apex Charters June Fishing Report

Aloha from Kauai! Here is an update for how the Sport Fishing action has been here on Kauai during the month of June so far. First, our weather has stayed consistent with our average conditions 10-12kt winds and 3-4ft seas, so we have been able to charge out everyday. The bite, especially the last few days has been very active. We have been working bird piles at one of FADS known as the WK buoy. There has been consistent schools of Yellowfin Tuna in the area ranging from 5 - 120lbs. We have been using some lighter tackle and have been picking up 30-50lbers pretty regularly. The Mahi-Mahi bite continues to be active as well. We just had a full moon phase cycle through, and we worked our ledges hard in hopes of taking advantage of a solid Ono bite. We managed the pick up a few, but we were hoping for more. We have had a couple 100-200lb Blue Marlin on the line these past couple weeks that put on one hell of a show for the guests. So we expect the bite to continue to stay active and should be seeing some bigger yellowfin ahi tuna hitting the deck. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with the what we are catching daily here on the island on Kauai. @KauaiGrander. Hope you all have an epic summer of tight lines and screaming reels!

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