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Best Time to Catch Tuna in Hawaii

This week in Kauai Deep Sea Fishing action, we are going talk about the best time of year to catch the prized Yellowfin Tuna! You can catch several types on Tuna in the Hawaiian Islands, and some of the best Tuna fishing is off the coast of Kauai. You can catch a variety including Skipjack, Big Eye & Yellowfin, better known in the islands as Ahi. The best time of year for Big Yellow Fin Tuna is going to be May through September, with the prime bite occurring in our Summer months of June, July & August. The waters off the Kauai coast warm up, and the bite warms up as well. You can commonly catch Yellowfin Tuna up to 200lbs. We catch most of our local Yellowfin Tuna on the troll. Due to our rough Kauai conditions, we have to stay on the move for the stability of the boat. Our waters off of Kauai get deep, and the get deep fast. We only have to go a couple miles off shore to be in prime Tuna Fishing territory. If you are visiting Kauai this summer, book your Sport Fishing Charter reservation online at Also follow up in IG @KauaiGrander to keep up with all the Kauai Island Fishing action!

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