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December Yellowfin / Ahi Tunas On Kauai

This week in Kauai Deep Sea Fishing action consists of Ahi Tunas. What's an Ahi you might ask? Here in Kauai, and Yellowfin Tuna over 100lbs, we refer to them as Ahi Tunas. Any Yellowfin Tuna that is under 100lbs, we refer to as a Koshibi. While yellowfin Tunas are usually prevalent in our waters in the Summer months, they can be found year around. As the water cools down in the Fall and Winter we usually see the bite slow, but it never stops. This week on one of our Shared Charter Fishing Trips, we had out outrigger explode and the fishing reel started peeling! After a solid hour fight, with the guests rotating in and out of the fighting chair, our Apex Fishing Charters Team gaffed and landed this beautiful Kauai Ahi Tuna! Our guests were exhausted but more importantly thrilled with their success. It is a fishing experience they will not soon forget!

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