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Giant 1000lb Blue Marlin & Mahi-Mahi

This week in Kauai Deep Sea Fishing action will not soon be forgotten! While the Mahi-Mahi bite continues to stay hot, with some solid Bulls hitting the deck, it is the 1000lb Blue Marlin that is the tale to be told. While crossing the 500 Fathom around 7:00am Saturday morning, what appeared to be a mythological sea monster grabbed our short corner lure and took off like a freight train. Our Apex Fishing Charter Team got our guest in the chair, gave him the Rod and told him to hold on. As the boat backed down on the fish, and we tightened the drag, the Marlin could not be slowed. After about 3 minutes of our Tiagra 80W Fishing Reel screaming, the rig was spooled, and all fell quiet. Our best estimate was this was at least a 1000lb Blue Marlin. These fish are out here, and you just never know when one might cross your path. One of the things that makes Deep Sea Sport Fishing here on Kauai so exciting. Until next time Mr. Blue.

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