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Kauai Shortbill Spearfish

This week in Kauai Sport Fishing action we landed the elusive Shortbill Spearfish! We are lucky to catch one or two of these a year, as they are rare in our tropical waters, and are most prominent only in the winter months. Hawaii is the only location around the world known to have stable stock of this species, which makes them a sought after trophy fish. Here in the Hawaiian Islands, Shortbill Spearfish are referred to as a Hebi. This beauty we caught was 40lbs. For those of you who don’t know, the Shortbill Spearfish is in the Marlin family. We would love to hear about some of your favorite Shortbill Spearfish recipes and some awesome stories about Shortbill Spearfish you have caught. Follow Apex Charters on Instagram @KauaiGrander to keep up with Kauai Island Deep Sea Fishing action. We look forward to taking you out fishing the next time you are on Kauai!

Aloha and Happy Holidays from Apex Fishing Charters on Kauai!

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