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Shipping Your Catch Home From Kauai

Aloha! This week In Kauai Deep Sea Sport Fishing action, we are going to talk about shipping your catch home to the mainland. Unfortunately, on the island of Kauai there is no service that will pack and ship your catch back to the mainland for you, like they do is places such as Alaska. Kauai is 2500 miles in the middle of the ocean, and if there were companies that would overnight, it would cost you as much as the charter price. So what do we do with the catch? While most other Charter companies will not share any catch over 25lbs, not here, with Apex Charters you will aways get fish! We will send you back to your Resort or Airbnb with enough fish for you and your family to enjoy while you are on your trip in Kauai. On Shared Charters, if we catch, everyone will take home fish whether you were the one that caught or not. Our most important rule, is that everyone always leaves happy! So again, please plan on enjoying your fresh catch while you are on island!

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